11 Reasons to Take the Entire Family on a Livingstone Vacation

11 Reasons to Take the Entire Family on a Livingstone Vacation

Have you ever thought of asking your entire family to head off on vacation with you? We aren’t talking about your spouse and kids here; we mean blasting out your invite to aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas and even a few cousins.

This might send some people into fits of laughter just at the thought, but hear us out. We are going to convince you that multigenerational travel is a fabulous idea. Here are our ten reasons to take the entire family on a Livingstone vacation.

The Location

Livingstone, Zambia is uniquely situated on the Southern tip of Zambia, within close proximity of Zimbabwe and Botswana. International flights arrive in Livingstone from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Nairobi multiple times per week and domestic flights arrive daily from Lusaka. By making Livingstone your base for an African vacation, you and your family can easily explore Livingstone, Victoria Falls, numerous national parks and the surrounding countries.  We are the hub of the world’s only quadripoint – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Saving money

Your mum always said that it is cheaper to buy in bulk, and the same goes for travel. You can save yourself some money when splitting expenses between multiple households. Depending on the number of people, you might get group rates on flights, safaris, accommodation or activities. It is also much more straightforward to self-cater with a larger group since you can round-robin who is responsible for cooking each meal.

Try New Things as a Family

A large part of international travel is getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Each person, family unit or generation will likely have different experiences that they want to try. Granny can cheer on the teenagers as they bungee jump and then everyone can get drenched crossing the Knife Edge Bridge at the Victoria Falls.

Activities for everyone

Livingstone has activities for the young and young-at-heart. Whether you are into braving a rafting trip on the Zambezi River, fishing for a tiger, or relaxing in a luxury family retreat, it can all be done. Livingstone offers fantastic food, world-class activities and safaris and, of course, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Victoria Falls.

Involve everyone

The global pandemic showed just how isolating it could be for single people and our elderly relatives. Sending a voice message or calling has its place, but nothing compares to physically being with others and feeling a part of a loving unit. A family vacation to Livingstone can include everyone, young and old, single, divorced, widowed or married. This can help with reducing the feelings of loneliness or depression that can come with age.

Built-in Babysitters

Travelling when your kids are young can be a blast, but what about when the adults want to have some me-time? Not everyone is comfortable leaving their children with a hotel babysitting service. By travelling with the entire family, you can get that opportunity to have a romantic dinner alone. You will have someone that you trust, and your kids will get to spend some quality time with their extended family.

Make Mamma Happy

Sometimes it is just about making mamma happy. When you see the smile on her face as she looks at all of her family together, you will never regret your decision to take the entire family on a Livingstone vacation. In fact, Livingstone is a fantastic place to have a family photoshoot done while you are on vacation.

Quality Family Time

We are all busy; careers get in the way, and children soon grow into teenagers with hectic social lives. Being in Livingstone means that you and your entire family can have the chance to spend quality time together. Of course, there is still WIFI available almost everywhere. Still, people will be too busy looking at elephants or swimming in our Devil’s Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls to worry about being online.

Family Bonding

Families might be scattered across the country and sometimes even across continents. It can be challenging to forge family bonds when time zones and distance are constantly in the way. When you don’t see people on a daily basis, vacations are essential for family bonding.

See the world through a different lens

Seeing a giraffe for the first time is exciting for everyone. However, there is nothing better than going into Mosi-oa-tunya National Park with a child and seeing the astonishment and wonder on their faces as they watch a dung beetle roll elephant poop across a field. Seeing the world through the lens of another generation opens up experiences in ways we least expect.

Shared Memories

The memories you make on a Livingstone vacation will be cherished for a lifetime. Your eight-year-old niece will never forget when a Vervet Monkey stole your bread roll, and your father will endlessly tell about the time they ate a mopane worm. It’s these shared memories that will put a smile on your face long after our loved ones are gone.

Travelling with your extended family does come with its challenges. However, the pros undoubtedly outweigh the cons. With a bit of planning and compromise, your entire family will make lasting memories in Livingstone.  Livingstone tourism operators are ready to help you plan your trip of a lifetime.

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