Freeton Matongo

Freeton Matongo

The great wise thinker

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Freeton is looking after his 2 children and 3 grandchildren mostly on his own since his wife passed away about 7 years ago.For 26 years he has been a sculptor having been taught by his father’s friends. He works mostly in Rosewood because it has a nice colour and is always strong. He sells his work through the Zambezi Cafe, a popular African traditional cafe in Livingstone.“I have managed  to build a one room house for my children and I believe that this Forest of Faces will bring changes to my life and business.”He expects to benefit greatly from this project to that he can finish up his house for his children and he feels humble and honoured that his work has been erected at civic centre and his work will be exposed to people.“I selected the theme called the Great Wise Thinker, because for a long time I have had this idea in my head. I felt it was really suitable for the public to understand this once they see the work in public.”He feels his theme is very important because it talks about real life as every human being lives and how we go through a lot of challenges in life but in the end we always come up with the solution.The sculpture is made out of a well dried Zambian Teak wood locally called Mopani. The story is about the people in the world who are great wise thinkers and have implemented their good ideas that are helping the world now. On the sculpture, is a great wise thinker who at all times thinks of a better tomorrow and days to come and two couples who like to share good ideas to their families and friends. A wise thinker will be any one who is thinking how to end poverty, climate change, war, diseases and many other challenges in the world.If you think in those lines, you are a Great Wise Thinker. “My children will soon have a place to call their own as I will now be able to build a house for them. And I feel great. ”


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