John Siamutemba.

John Siamutemba.

The Hunter

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John has been in this trade at the age of 18 years through his brother who has been in this trade for many years. He has since worked at a sculptor for more than 34 years and he has always worked with wood, preferring ebony and iron wood because the wood  itself is very attractive and the sculptures look like minerals once they are in the sun.

 “I currently have a challenge in finding these trees, usually I got them in Muchinga village which is a sub village of Mukuni. But now I have to travel much further into the bush to find the trees that I need.”He sells his work at his brother’s shop at Mukuni Victoria Falls curio market but has seen that business has gone down compared to what it was a few years ago when he used to make a lot of money. He has 7 children to take care of.This project will provide money so that he can complete his unfinished house in Livingstone for his family. It is a very big celebration in his life and family at large that his work is to be erected at the Civic Centre.“I selected the theme the Hunter because every man in his village is called a hunter and he feels his theme is very important because it talks about how our men are responsible to take care of their family.”A hunter is a person who normally kills animals and in our village we have hunters and their reason for hunting is to feed the family. As it is depicted on the sculpture, the hunter has killed an animal called a warthog and is holding a weapon he uses to kill animals and for protection. He is also wearing an animal skin which was normal many years ago when hunting was very common. People believed that when you wear an animal skin you will smell like an animal and animals will come close to you.

 “Wow this a very big cerebration for me and my entire family for my work to be erected at the Civic Centre, because I show that every man is a hunter of some sort and needs to take care of his family”


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