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Justin Kandiana was born in 1977, lives in Mukuni Village and is married with three children. He started working with wood when he was 15 years old. His grandfather was an artist and helped him. He has worked as a sculptor for more than 23 years. 

He prefers working in wood more than any other materials because wood is always cheap and does not need electricity to made things. He prefers working in Rosewood and Mukwa because the sculpture always comes out nice and lasts long and it is easy to access these trees in his village at any time.

“My business has helped me to build a house for my family but things are hard now. With this project the money will help me to make a budget for my family.”

“I selected the theme Nyami-Nyami because they are known as the Zambezi river god or the Zambezi snake spirit. It is well known in Livingstone with the Tonga people as they are seen to protect the Tonga during difficult times.”

The Nyami Nyami is one of the important gods of the Tonga people as it is believed to be a good luck charm to protect them in difficult times. Justin also makes wooden Nyami Nyami necklaces especially for the protection of those who work in rafting.


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