Mutemwa Mukelela

Mutemwa Mukelela

George the baboon

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Mutemwa is originally from Kitwe on the Copperbelt but has been in Livingstone following his trade for 33 years. His favourite wood is Rosewood because it is strong and lasts a long time. A lot has changed through in his life because of his work as he managed to build the house for his family, look after his mother and his 3 children and he has learnt a lot in this trade. “Sometime back I just used to pack my works in the house once I had finished them. My career highlight was when I started selling my sculptures at the National Art Gallery in Livingstone.” He expects to benefit even more from this project because he will receive the huge amount of money so that he can empower the upcoming artists in Livingstone. He feels happy and honoured for his work to be erected at the Civic Centre. “I selected the theme George the Baboon because it is based on a true and very touching story and to advise people that humans must respect our animals and live in harmony with nature.” George the Baboon is a story of a Victoria Falls baboon that was orphaned at a young age and was known for being friendly to people as a result of food which visitors gave him. George was always at the natural wonder of the world, exciting visitors until one day a man took advantage of his friendly nature and his love for bread. This man stood at the edge of the gorge, showed bread to the baboon and threw it into the deep valley. Unfortunately, the baboon followed the bread and fell into the gorge and died. “This project will surely empower more upcoming artists to work hard and I want to pass on the message about respecting our animals around Livingstone.”


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