The Health Bridge Private Hospital

The Health Bridge Private Hospital

Vic Falls Town, Hospital

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In case of a medical emergency you can call 999 for an ambulance or +263 213 2846053 for an EMRAS ambulance. In extreme cases where you may need to be evacuated to South Africa or Harare you should liaise with your medical insurance provider and EMRAS so that they can discuss the logistics with each other. EMRAS manage the ground handling such as liasing with the airport, the medivac aircraft and ambulance transfers. Whilst EMRAS will charge for their services if you are not insured with them, your own insurance provider should pick up the bill provided you are covered.

This particular Hospital can provide in and out patient services, doctor consultations, medications and nursing care. They should be ok for small scrapes and common illnesses such as colds, stomach upsets etc. For anything more serious you should contact your medical insurance provider about other options.

Opening Times

  • Open 24 Hours