Livingstone Makers are Bringing Their Wares to the World Via the Internet

Livingstone Makers are Bringing Their Wares to the World Via the Internet

It’s no big secret that long-haul travel has been stifled for longer than anyone could have expected. Seriously, if you told us back in 2019 that the world was going to change irrevocably and that we would all be hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitiser, we would have thought that you had gone raving mad.

The social and economic ripple effects of the pandemic can be both felt and heard around the globe. It isn’t just the high rises in London and Chicago that are feeling the blow. Even the most remote locations in Zambia are well aware of the diminishing employment opportunities. Many tourism establishments are nestled in national parks and other tucked-away pockets of Zambia where tourism is the main, or only, employer.

Like many tourist towns, Livingstone has been struck by the sudden drop in international tourist arrivals. And it isn’t just the luxury lodges and safari operators that have been affected. The effects can be felt by local farmers, grocery stores, curio markets and more. Livingstone artisans have also felt the pinch with few tourists about to buy their goods.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, so without a steady stream of tourists, Livingstone makers are bringing their wares to the world via the internet.  All of the Livingstone makers on our list below offer reliable and affordable worldwide shipping. You will get a bit of Zambian cheer delivered directly to your door, and be confident that your purchase has made a difference in the lives of rural Zambians.


On the surface, WAYAWAYA is a luxury leather accessories brand based in Livingstone, Zambia. They hand craft wallets, purses, handbags and corporate gifting items that are coveted by all that have the opportunity to feel their craftsmanship. However, the sustainable employment of women is the backbone of this brand with a social mission.

WAYAWAYA translates to ‘the art of wasting time’, but the women’s training was anything but a waste of time. By investing in high-quality vocational training from professionals from Norway, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia, these women have established themselves as experts in leather artistry. Check out their products and see for yourselves. For an added bonus, all orders over $200 include free shipping.


ABANYA encompasses a budding community of small-scale artisans and makers by assisting them in bringing their products to the world market. The collaborative effort includes several different makers, each with specific products that showcase the high level of craftsmanship on offer in Livingstone, Zambia. Worldwide shipping is offered with DHL, and packages can be combined to include any of their products by various makers.

Mubita’s Baskets – woven baskets, placemats and coasters using natural fibres

Nakatundu – woven baskets and placemats using recycled plastic and natural fibres

OG Arts – wooden bowls, serving spoons and napkin rings by local carpenters

Pure Skills – upcycled glassware and lanterns

Sishemo Beads – handmade jewellery made with beads using upcycled glass bottles

Tiyese – brightly patterned chitenge hair scrunchies, cushion covers and headbands

Zambezi Joy Society

Zambezi Joy Society is a social enterprise connected to Royal Chundu Lodge that has blossomed from the need to create employment and income-generating sources for the local community with the downturn of tourism. They quickly realised that lodge guests were craving the opportunity to take home the bright and cheerful décor that adorns the lodge. And thus, Zambezi Joy Society was born.

Products on offer include gift wrap, cushion covers, neckties, aprons and placemats. Even the family pet won’t be left out as there are doggie bow ties and bandanas too! Zambezi Joy Society offer worldwide courier shipping. Patterns on offer are consistently changing, so keep looking back for new designs and additions. 

We hope that you have felt inspired to shop online directly with Zambian makers. We can’t always fuel our wanderlust by jumping on a plane. However, we can still travel the world and make conscious choices towards positively impacting the communities near and dear to our heart.

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