What to pack for Victoria Falls

What to pack for Victoria Falls

If you are planning a trip to our neck of the woods then you may be wondering what to pack for Victoria Falls. Whilst not everything on this list is absolutely essential, bringing some of these items will enhance your stay and, in some cases, make your stay more comfortable.

Sun Cream

This is absolutely an essential. Whilst you can probably find somewhere to buy it here (not always mind you), it will be very expensive. We suggest buying it before you get here. It may take up some much needed space in your suitcase, but you will be grateful for it when you find yourself out in the sun for most of the day either game viewing, cruising the river or going nuts down the white water rapids. Whether you are under the winter sun, an overcast sky or the summer midday sun, you should always keep your skin protected. Factor 30 should be your minimum and for the kids we recommend factor 50.

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are aplenty in our neck of the woods unfortunately. Whilst there is very little malaria these days, the annoying bite and buzz of the mosquito is with us to stay. Many accommodation providers will have some form of repellent for their guests, but not all. So bring your own along and sit outside in peace after dark. We find the best repellent to be Peaceful Sleep. You can buy it here too, but at an inflated price to what you would pay where you are. There are many other brands of repellent to choose from. The most effective are Deet based. there are also varieties suitable for kids. An essential what-to-pack-for-Victoria-Falls item.

A Torch (Flashlight)

Power cuts are pretty frequent in this part of the world. Especially in the rainy season when thunderstorms can knockout parts of the grid. At other times there may be general faults or, on rare occasions load shedding when water levels in Kariba Dam are low. Nothing too much to worry about as most establishments have back up power supplies. But having a torch to light the way will definitely come in handy from time to time. Even if it is just to find your way to the bathroom at night. And if you are going camping or spending any time in the bush after dark, a torch is essential.

First Aid Kit

Always a good thing to carry with you when travelling abroad. Most hotels and Lodges will have their own first aid kits and there are pharmacies, clinics and hospitals in town to treat any scrapes and bumps. But it is a good idea to carry something of your own for a quick fix to those niggling issues that may arise. An essential item for your what to pack for Victoria Falls list.

A Good Camera

Of course, this is all rather subjective as to how good and how expensive a camera you need is. Here we have highlighted the Sony RX10 Mark III because it seems to offer pretty much everything you would need here. For wildlife enthusiasts this camera has a reach of 600mm for those far away animals. It also has the advantage of not needing lens changes, thus keeping dust away from the sensor and the weight in the camera bag down with no need for additional lenses. The image quality is superb for a bridge camera. It is also weather sealed so taking it under the spray of the Victoria Falls is possible too. This is a great all rounder. Of course, there are cheaper options as well as just using your cell phone as an option, it all depends on what sort of photos you want from your trip. Two things to take into account – 1) For the Victoria Falls you want to be able to shoot wide angle. 2) For wildlife photography you want to be able to zoom in and frame those distant elephants swimming through the Zambezi.


If you don’t have the high zoom of a good camera or just prefer to look rather than snap away then a good set of binoculars are essential here. Whether you are on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river, a river safari or a game drive, the chances are you want to look far and wide at things that the eyes cannot see on their own. Wildlife often congregates at the river’s edge and with over 400 species of bird life to look at, seeing them up close is something not to be missed. And of course, the Falls themselves have so many nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered under closer inspection. You can even enjoy your own little safari from the privacy of your hotel balcony with nothing but a pair of binoculars.

Rafting Shoes

If you are planning on going down the Zambezi white water rapids or a canoeing safari then we suggest getting a pair of water proof shoes that are lightweight and good for walking in. Flip flops are not allowed on these activities and you don’t want to destroy your favourite trainers. The walk out at the end of the rafting is quite strenuous over rough terrain so comfort should also be a factor as well as waterproofing.

Some additional what to pack for Victoria Falls suggestions

A good hat – Keep the sun off your face and neck with a good hat. Neutral coloured clothes – for any safari activities wear neutral coloured clothing to blend into the bush. Nothing bright or with high contrast. A warm jacket or jersey – During winter it can get pretty cold, especially at night. Even in the summer after a big rain the temperature can plummet for a while. Long trousers or jeans – Hot or not, at night you may want to protect your succulent feet and ankles from those pesky mosquitoes.
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